#MyKindOfBenedy: #RealityHigh is a black-middle-class teen family mean-girls rom-com with everything!

Can nerdy-glam Dani find love?
You’ll want to know – and that’s art’s job.

That’s a joke, of course. “#RealityHigh” on Netflix is short only a slasher to fill out the entire teen-movie dance card.

We start with “Carrie,” which sets up the overarching “Mean Girls” drama, which includes betraying the apparently-unwittingly-gay-BFF but throws in a better romance.

Just more “Cinderella” tripe? It is, but these things are made from mix-’n’-match elements, and the art of it all is in the execution: Do they make me believe them? Do they make me care?

“#RealityHigh” pulls that off swimmingly well: You’ll want this couple to work.

Better yet, “nerdy high schooler Dani” has a great dad, and he comes through admirably.

This is charming family fun. All of you can watch it together, with none of you feeling embarrassed or crowded, and you’ll be closer as a family at the end.

Will you remember it forever? Maybe not. But if you don’t, that will make it fun to watch again sometime.

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