New to the image library: “Dear Cops: Please don’t kill my dogs.”

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  • My dad was a retired police officer. In fact, he had worked his way up to being Chief of Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland, when he retired nearly 35 years ago. So I grew up around cops and have always liked the ones who I knew. I was talking about this the other day when I told a friend that I was often upset with comments at Zero Gov, because there are commenters who show up there proposing violence to police officers. He pointed out that Zero Gov itself doesn’t propose violence — quite the contrary. But also pointed out that cops have, in general, changed since my dad’s day.

    That conversation has been running through my mind ever since. At his retirement dinner, my father bragged that in his thirty-something years as a cop, most of those years on patrol, he had never drawn his gun. I compare that to the awful mistakes like what happened to Mayor Cheye Calvo, to name one, and I have to admit our friendly neighborhood cop is being replaced by a police state that is much scarier. Seems like the status of the State is being “Served and Protected” more than we citizens.

    And, as a pet-lover/rescuer, it seems as though every time I hear a story about a horrific mistake when SWAT (Storm-Troopers) over reach, the citizens might get an apology, but someone’s dog is always killed.

    So, thank you for this poster. Just because I’m a law-abiding citizen, it doesn’t mean my dogs are safe from over-zelous cops. Maybe this will help one to think more clearly, just like ManAlive! has helped me.

  • Chris Dates

    Hey Cathleen,

    I am a writer, and an editor for ZeroGov, and I can tell you that no one on our staff advocates for violence against the police. Commenters on the essays over there are a different story, however I have not seen any comments that were too hateful. Harsh language for sure, but rarely does a comment pop up that advocates for violence.

    I grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, and I was a very avid skateboarder. Before I was 18, I had been arrested(many times) and physically abused by the police for the non-violent crime of skateboarding. My view of the police is not a favorable one to say the very least.

    I have to take issue with the claim that you are a “law-abiding citizen”; law abiding, no doubt, but a citizen, I don’t think so. Black’s law dictionary defines “citizen” as a person who owes a duty of allegiance in exchange for an obligation of protection. The Supreme Court has ruled(time and time again), that the government has no obligation to protect you. Google no obligation to protect, and read the first couple of links. It’s all a huge scam, of course, because no one can protect you but yourself. The State has just been able to dupe people into believing that only they can protect us. It’s extortion, plain and simple.

    I rejected the title “citizen” long ago.

    • > I was a very avid skateboarder

      Where do free-thinkers come from? In many cases — I’m not speaking for you — I think they come into their own simply because the people around them don’t respect their values. You have to learn to defend your own mind because it is under constant attack. Not fun to live through, but when you get to The Big Wow!, the grand epiphany, you soar like a Redtail Hawk.

  • I have to take issue with the claim that you are a “law-abiding citizen”; law abiding, no doubt, but a citizen, I don’t think so.

    Thanks Chris. Habits of mind, huh? I think of myself as a “law-abiding citizen,” because “law-abiding citizen” has worked its way into our my way of thinking as meaning someone who does the right thing, doesn’t bother anyone, and expects the same in return. But clearly, my right thing isn’t everyone’s right thing. Skateboarding was right for you, but if a thug with a gun disagrees with you — and that thug has the sanction of the state — then your rights lose. That’s sad. But as Greg noted, this could be why you learned to be a free thinker. So that part is good for you. And the guy(s) who physically abused you for living your values? What a hell his mind must be.