Obamacare makes it plain that statism cannot work. What a great time to rethink your premises.

Liberals and social conservatives: As you gaze in awe and horror at the inevitable collapse of every grand plan to control human behavior from the outside, this would seem to be a wonderful time to question and replace your base premises.

You cannot do what you propose to do. Here’s why, in three links:

1. You cannot possibly have the moral right to dominate other human beings.

2. Even if you insist you do have that moral right somehow, the domination of one human being by another is ontologically impossible.

3. But if you instead act upon your self, other people and the universe as these things actually are, a life of illimitable Splendor can be yours.

Knowingly to persevere in error is self-destruction in its essence. Today is a great day to start doing better.

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  • seaart

    On domination, thought experiment in two parts…(no spoliers)

    1. If a young child runs towards a cliff edge, how can you stop the child going over the edge without dominating the child?