Want to get Washington’s attention? Produce no wealth to be looted – once a month on #JohnGaltDay

These clowns think YOU work for THEM. You need to tell them otherwise.

These clowns think YOU work for THEM. You need to tell them otherwise.

“This is the mind on strike.” —Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Rand was hugely right about this, as is ever more obvious with every new failure of alternative tactics. The problem, of course, is who bells the cat: The idea of a general strike of producers is appealing as a general idea, but no one wants to lose everything as a stand-alone martyr.

The solution is to have a one-day strike, a John Galt Day, once a month. If, on the first full work day of every month, everyone who is sick of being enslaved by parasites were to take the day off — producing nothing — the vampires in Washington would get the news in no time.

January 2nd is the first business day of 2014. If you want to communicate your disgust with the status quo, stay home. Watch Netflix. Play video games. Frolic like it’s your honeymoon. Just produce no new wealth for that one day. If you fly airplanes for a living, or run a power plant or — especially — if you perform surgery, so much the better. Just by doing nothing, you will communicate who needs whom.

Do the same on February 3rd and March 3rd, the first business day of every month. Post a little #JohnGaltDay note on Facebook or Twitter, just to make it plain what you are up to: “The is the strike of the producers, Mr. Obama, Mr. Boehner. This is the mind on strike.”

Nothing changes until people change, and people don’t change when they think their policies are working. We know better. We need to communicate our better knowledge in a way that makes an impact. If you want your world to change, for you and for your children, stop bearing it on your back.

If you want this to work, you have to follow through: Share this idea with everyone you know, and then DON’T SHARE the wealth of your production on John Galt Day.

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