Ontologically-Consonant Teleology at the 21 Convention: Videos from Greg Swann’s presentation.

GregSwannAtThe21ConventionAnthony Johnson at The 21 Convention is publishing video segments of the talk I gave to the group on Ontologically-Consonant Teleology. I actually spoke twice to the 21 Convention, but my first address was lost. The second talk, encapsulated in these videos, is an extended vocabulary lesson on life as a self-aware, self-responsible free moral agent.

I’ll add links as Anthony does, but here are the videos he has posted so far:

Part 1 of 6.
Part 2 of 6.
Part 3 of 6.
Part 4 of 6.
Part 5 of 6.
Part 6 of 6.

If you’re coming from Anthony’s YouTube site, you can find a comprehensive rundown of my thinking here, starting with the introduction to my book Man Alive!.

Here’s the full presentation in one video:

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