The Atlantic discovers Fathertongue, breathlessly concluding that dancing bears are NOT ‘just like us.’

DancingBearNews flash:

It would seem that beat induction is a uniquely human, cognitive skill

Zounds! Abstraction, which can only be done by human beings, can only be done by human beings! Who knew…?

Of course, the wannabe ruling class can never manage to quit while it’s behind:

That it appears to be present from birth further indicates that it’s an innate skill, meaning there’s little chance that it can be learned.

“Innate abstraction” is nonsense, but you cannot learn how to correct the errors in your thinking without first learning how to think. If your entire epistemology is rooted in a devout insistence that the human mind must be an artifact of mindlessness, you will find a way to reject all factual evidence to the contrary, even when it’s rapping on your head in waltz time.

The good news for you: Your mind is free to dance to its own rhythms.

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