Baby, they’re dumb in there: Disintermediate the elites for being evil — or simply for being stupid?

JustHowStupidAreYouJust how devastatingly dull-witted are the members of that class of morons who hope to declare themselves our overlords? As we see every day, there is apparently no lower limit to how dumb you can be to get a job in the mainstream media. As with jobs like union presidencies and meter-maidery, being a stone literal ignoramus may a decided on-the-job advantage. Evidence for that claim comes to us now from Salon “magazine” and The Atlantic, wherein the nattering nabobs of the nomenclaturate strive to convine us that the saturnalian classic Baby It’s Cold Outside is a celebration of date rape.

I wish I were making this up. The universities have been destroyed by Marxist identity politics, so this kind of argument is not at all uncommon in academic publications, but to find this flavor of stupidity in the popular press suggests one of two things:

1. These people really are this dumb.

2. They are convinced that you have been so completely dumbed-down by previous generations of Marxists “educators” that you won’t dare stand up to this nonsense.

Gucci Little Piggy and other bloggers are standing up in plenty, as are the commenters at Salon and The Atlantic. The claim itself is so absurd as to invite derision and dismissal rather than debate: It’s a fun song about mutually-voluntary seduction among freely-consenting adults. To read anything else into it lends credence to the second proposition above — you’re being hustled with another politically-correct scam — since it beggars the imagination to think that anyone could be this stupid.

Meanwhile, take in this video from the film Neptune’s Daughter, which is where the song was first made public:

The same scenario presented in two different ways, boy-pursues-girl and girl-pursues-boy. If anyone is being “date raped,” it’s Red Skelton’s character, but it is obvious in both scenes that no one is being coerced. Amazingly enough, both Salon and The Atlantic embed this video, yet manage to learn nothing from it.

Just for fun, watch it again with the volume set to zero. The silent-film sight gags in both sequences are hilarious, funny like that other Marxist conspiracy — the Marx Brothers. Hollywood rarely does comedy this well today.

How much does this matter? Mostly not at all. The important lesson to be drawn from this “controversy,” as from most others cooked up by the mainstream media, is this:

The would-be ruling class is either stupid or evil or both. If you want to be free of them forevermore, this is easily done: Think for your self.

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