gets links — not many, but some.

We are getting some inbound links, despite my kvetching. I’d like to see more, but for that I have to wait — which is the human behavior I am worst at.

Psalm was cited in the Objectivist Round-Up, a blog carnival. The carnival recap is echoed here as well. I am very far from being an Objectivist, but I think that post speaks to the best within us, a quality I strive to cultivate.

Psalm is also linked from a very link-rich post at Not PC.

Both Man Alive! and this site have been blessed by much attention from Libertarian Information, a daily newspaper. Publisher Jack Oughton (@koukouvaya) seems to have a good nose for news.

Ken McManigal is re-pinning out a lot of our images on Pinterest. All of the pix on his board are fun for me.

In my own behalf, I am trying very hard to live by this admonition: “What would Socrates do?” So, while it is very easy for me, when I am met with opposition, to roll right over people, I am trying to think more carefully and to answer questions in ways that light fires in my interlocutor’s mind. You can see me doing some of this here, still more on FaceBook.

This is a new praxis for me, and I’m growing into it. You can see some of my best Socratic rejoinders at I’ve been posting there periodically since 1998 or so, and Jim Robinson and his moderators have been very gracious hosts to me — especially taking account of who I am.

Here are some of my favorite responses from the past two weeks:

> If you do not accept this principle

How successful has this approach been for you? Do you find that other people like having their values dictated to them? Do you like that, when other people do it to you? I know I don’t.

> I don’t think you know yourself very well.

How much first-hand experience of my life are you able to share with me?

> That’s what I like about Aristotle and Aquinas.

You’re seeing what I like about Socrates. 😉

> Interesting and well-written, but what’s your point?

I’m saving Western Civilization from tyranny.

> People aren’t selfish enough?

Very few people even understand what the self is. How could they but fail to honor it?

> Your modesty is truly impressive.

I refuse to apologize for being right.

There’s no telling what people are seeing on the receiving end, but I am trying to do two things: To make my case by keeping the debate on my terms, not playing the other man’s game, and to induce the other party to think about his own values and premises, if I can. Jim Klein is much better at this than I am, but I’m working hard to catch up to him.

This just in: Teri Lussier (@TeriLussier) got herself picked up by Conservative bollocks, a published by @Not_Fox. The link is to An Army of Cartmans, a theme I plan to return to later today.

As before, the main challenge still stands: If bigfoot libertarian pundits won’t stand with me, and they won’t stand against me, then, by default, they are choosing to stand aside. We care a lot. This is my world now — also by default.

As for you, cautious inlooker: I take care of people who take care of me. If you are sick to death of being shit on and ignored by “thought leaders” who think dog meat jokes advance the cause of human sovereignty, link here instead. I’m reshuffling the deck — and ditching the Jokers. I look forward to sending a link back to you soon.

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