The persistence of grinding: ‘The Founder’ on Netflix is a fun business movie about family.

I wouldn’t call ‘The Founder’ a benedy. More like a docu-drama – with Dogberry.

The business model stuff is excellent, Shark Tank with a plot.

The family dynamics is right up my street: Ray Kroc builds an empire while breaking up two marriages: His own (Di divorces Ic) and the de facto marriage of the McDonald brothers (Cd and Sd).

If the screenplay was not written from DISC, it might as well have been. I didn’t care for Kroc’s adultery, but I always find Di’s easy to root for.

Michael Keaton played Kroc as Dics, which I would expect is correspondent: More C than S on the bubble between the two. That’s the Ironman profile, the turnaround manager.

He also played Kroc as being more and more drunk, so Keaton’s vestigial inner-Dogberry came shining through.

I’m a hard sell for anything but true benedy right now, but I watched ‘The Founder’ twice. I liked Keaton’s Kroc enough that I stopped at the earliest imputation of adultery the first time, then found myself drawn back to it despite that.

That’s rave-worthy from my point of view: Art is the stuff that won’t turn you loose.

Here comes the weekend. ‘The Founder’ is no date-night movie, but it’s an interesting yarn with a lot to teach about marriage.

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