Prometheosophy: I own all of philosophy, and I’m giving it away to everyone – for FREE!

Everything I say lately seems to both encapsulate and elucidate everything else I’m saying: Ds failed against Dc then, but Di can beat Ci now, then deliver the goods to Ds.

Photo by: Faris Algosaibi

I think I have everything – all-the-way corralled if not yet all-the-way branded:

I think I own philosophy.

I’ve thought that since 2012, and I think I was right then. I think I’m a lot more right now, and I have grand plans about where things might take me from here.

This summer has been especially fecund, but every day seems richer to me than the day before: I’m learning so much so fast that I don’t even bother to document most of what I’m overwhelming poor Cathleen with – and even she is not getting the full daily payload.

DISC-my-way is the game theory of humanity. I’ve said that all along – since way back in the misty depths of 2014 – and I’ve demonstrated it every way I can think of since then. I keep getting better at making those points, I think, but what I’m getting even better at is simply seeing DISC in real-time.

I can narrate the mothertongue politics of every interaction while it is happening. I can DISC anyone on sight, many to all four priorities, and then I can predict where in an interaction the conflict will erupt. I can tell you in detail – and for three or more generations of descendants – why Dsci is a better profile for a father than is Dsic.

I don’t have a file of things crazy people say, but, even so, I manage to say a lot of the things crazy people say.

Like this:

I think I understand humanity so much better than anyone ever has that the most appropriate statement I could make on the subject is to scale it:

I understand humanity.

So far, no one else does.

I’m not special, just early. Reality was here all along. But reality has been here the whole time I’ve been talking about this, too, and yet I’m the only one who has been talking.

I think that’s a mistake – on your part. I’m not selling you anything, I’m giving you an education no one before now could ever have. But the education I’m giving you will make everything in your life better – immediately, and then better and better thereafter.

Better for me, too. Once you finally dare to open your eyes to the reality of lifelong habituated empathy strategies, you’ll see things I’ve missed. We could all be making each other much stronger – in the time it takes you to master a new notation system.

Because the Ci world consists of tinier and tinier subdivided arcanities, there is no decent name for the study of humanity. DISC works well enough for me, as shorthand, or DISC-my-way if I need to be specific.

But I think there’s a better more comprehensive name for the study of who people really are and what they really choose to do with their insuperable, incomparable minds:


It’s all mine – for now – but all you have to do to make it yours is study it. It repays effort – and that’s all it will cost you.

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