What’s the good word? How about a benediction on the good only fathers can cultivate?

From last September, some very good words for fathers for Easter Sunday. –GSS

Where do self-responsible children come from? Self-responsible fathers. Welcome to my church.

Photo by: Erin

What’s the good word? The one that gets the world won. I’m an easy sell on that proposition, even as I want every map to be ontologically consonant.

So: Reflecting on a blog post from the @TheCulDeSacHero, we swing out in a huge arc to encompass all of the universe in one ultimate benediction.

Why? Because if I’m going to traffic in good words, I’m gonna make ’em big ones. This is The Church of Splendor, and we don’t let our atheism, our egoism or our anarchism get in the way of the concerns that have always mattered most in church: Life and death.

How can you tell for sure this is a church? Because there’s a offering plate. I’d be grateful if you would pay me what you think I’m earning from you, more grateful still if you would scare up a donor who can help make this church grow.

Meanwhile, here are some good words about making everything – even death – better:

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