Willie’s wager: Sun City, a new skein of Willie yarns, is going to make you cry.

Uncle Willie wants to make you cry.

Got teens? Among many other things, this book strives to redeem marriage and family for the generation of kids for whom stable families have been too rare.

But it’ll be a cleansing cry, I promise.

Sun City is the collection of stories Willie wrote as his ten-year boon companion, his big gangly Bloodhound bitch, Naso, scampers off this mortal coil.

And that’s what everyone needs, a book about death. But wait! There’s more. Sun City is a book about love, the love of a man for his dog, and the enduring love of families wherever it is found.

Here are three groups of people I can think of who should read this book: People who love dogs — and I mean all of them. Folks who have retired from work or are contemplating it. And broken-hearted lovers who can’t seem to keep from making the same mistakes again and again. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to discuss the ideas in Sun City with your young charges. You could spare them the multiple-divorce battlefields the Baby Boomers have slogged through.

Here’s the width, breadth and depth of the Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie sales pitch: If reading contemporary fiction leaves you feeling soiled, you’re going to love this book. It will make you cry, but it will leave you cleansed.

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