You could win the first-ever Ayn Rand Mother’s Day Essay Contest!

Nattering pointlessly at Robert Tracinski, I hammered on this notion:

Meanwhile, self-responsible fatherhood is the sole source of human civilization, and on that score Rand = Rowling = Marx. To the extent that children are reading anything, they’re reading roadmaps to humanity’s auto-annihilation.

The gist of that is news to no one here, but it might-could incite the ire of Ayn Rand’s many devoted hagiographers.

So: Let’s put on a show! It would be even more fun to do this for Father’s Day, but Mother’s Day is here upon us, so let’s have at it:

Write an essay of any length on this theme:

The Ayn Rand character who best exemplifies self-responsible motherhood is ____________.

Stone cold nobody, no?

Do it for the fathers, too. Human civilization does not exist without self-responsible fatherhood, and to that objective fact Ayn Rand is indifferent where she is not contemptuous.

Yo, @Tracinski: #BrotherYouAskedForIt!

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