“Loving Cathleen” comes out on Independence Day – but there’s a review copy just for you today.

“This is a love worth living.This is a love worth grailing for.This is a love worth living up to.”Loving CathleenA Love To Live Up Toavailable at Amazon.com.

“This is a love worth living.
This is a love worth grailing for.
This is a love worth living up to.”

Loving Cathleen
A Love To Live Up To

available at Amazon.com.

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I have a brand new book coming out Friday, Independence Day – our wedding anniversary. The name of the book is Loving Cathleen – and that’s what it’s all about:

”The secret to love, I think, a secret I learned late enough in life to truly appreciate it, is not this set of characteristics or that flavor of doctrinal accord or this appearance or that achievement. The secret to love is to find someone you cannot bear to be away from for long, and who brings you a peace you know nowhere else. Love is not love – where it is not a substantial and enduring improvement over solitude. There is nothing to be found in characteristics or doctrine or appearance or credentials that will make you want to stay when you want nothing more than to get away. And none of those things matter, in the end, when you’re with that one person you never yearn to escape

“Find that and the rest comes easy…”

Loving Cathleen is a collection of essays and fiction written over the past twenty years, an illustration of how a storgic romance works itself out in real life. The argument is largely fiction, so go figure. It sings, though, I promise, and it will make people who believe in love grail for it that much harder. In that sense, it is my own map to the love I work so very hard to live up to, the deeply soul-satisfying love I know now for – and with and from – my wife, Cathleen Collins.

So what do I want from you? I want for you to read it and review it, of course. You can find it in tangible print or a Kindle edition. If you’re up for a little sweat equity, I’ll trade you a review PDF of the book for a review: Blogged, social media and especially Amazon.com.

This book is a useful companion to “Father’s Day,” I think, because it illuminates the love that so perfectly binds Mister and Missus Married to each other and to their family.

As always, I’m saving civilization by hauling marriage back from the abyss. The more you can help, the faster the job will go.

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