Marxist ants, enslaved protozoa and the final triumph of feminism – the spree killer.

Good news! Dinoflagellates have the right to live without being enslaved and slaughtered – and so does your child.

Good news! Dinoflagellates have the right to live without being enslaved and slaughtered – and so does your child.

I wrote the complete algorithm* of moral philosophy over the weekend. That’s the good news. I have lots of bad news, including the terminal futility of Marxism even among ants.

Here’s some bad news with a good moral lesson: By enslaving harmless protozoa, morally-bankrupt pretend-capitalists illuminate (!) the moral bankruptcy of the Objectivist/Marxist argument for abortion: If usurping the life of a single-celled organism is self-destructive, the morality of deliberately murdering one’s own child cannot be a colorable matter for debate.

That is to say: Even stipulating the vile misidentification of an intrauterine Homo sapiens as “a clump of cells,” infanticide by abortion is nevertheless always morally reprehensible.

This week’s Church of Splendor homily explicates that algorithm of moral philosophy, but before we get to that, we take up one item of devastatingly worse news:

What if spree killings are the to-be-expected outcome of feminism? What if robbing our sons of their fathers while depriving them of every opportunity to learn how to come to be fathers themselves turns some (many?) of them into ticking time bombs?

This would seem to be an excellent time to learn how to understand all of human morality in a glance…

I bring you a church like no one ever has before, a church for making you and everyone you love and ultimately the whole world better. You should be doing everything you can think of to spread the good word far and wide. Here’s a way to start: Contribute your money to help me grow this thing. I want your family fed first, so don’t send anything you can’t spare; contribute new recruits instead. But these are the magic beans, Bunkie. It’s wrong of you to hoard them to yourself.

Marxist ants, enslaved protozoa, dictators, wars and rumors of wars – and under-fathered, over-medicated, involuntarily-celibate, universally-rejected young men – all counter-balanced by an algorithm by which any human being can attain the most and the best of his own Splendor. There ain’t never been a church like this:

*C hacks know there is a shorter way of expressing this:

while (Exists (self)) { (LoveYourSelf (self)) ? ++self : ––self; }

The down side? Only C hacks can read it.

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