The Spreecast as Tea-cast, celebrating the Tea Party’s electoral victories with Brian Brady.

My second Spreecast was better and worse than the first.

It was worse because we got hit with a few technical gremlins, resulting in the videocast being split into two segments, which are embedded below.

But it was substantially better because I had my first live victim guest, Brian Brady from sunny San Diego, California.

Brian was one of the winners in the Tea Party’s victories last night, taking a seat on the San Diego County Republican Party’s Central Committee. He and I talked about his win last night and about the Tea Party’s prospects in office.

These were my notes for the broadcast, fleshed out to a fuller summary:

  • Tea Party victories — Detailing last night’s wins, especially in Wisconsin and California
  • Anti-Occupy Santa’s Lap? — Was part of what we saw last night a counter-reaction to the childish nonsense of the Occupy movement?
  • Big reforms — What might the Tea Party accomplish in Washington? What could we hope that they might repeal?
    • Commerce clause
    • General welfare clause
    • 16/17th Amendments
    • Sovereign immunity
  • Practical reforms — What kinds of reforms might we look for at the state a local levels?
    • Repeal business regulation
    • Eliminate agencies and departments
      • Cut, cut, cut — This is what I hope will be the governing philosophy of Tea Party candidates
      • Cut spending
      • Cut taxes
      • Cut regulation
      • Cut government staffing
      • Cut government-owned real and chattel property — especially weapons
      • Cut red tape
  • Insiderism — This is my fear for Tea Party candidates, once they are elected
    • The family business — It’s hard to say “no” to people you like
    • Earnest men of good will — get sucked into sanctioning atrocious crimes
    • Power corrupts — and absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • Evangelize egoismMy solution for all individual and social ills…

Here are some links to articles I have written in the past about achieving a gradual reduction in the size of government:

And here are today’s Spreecasts:

I’m doing this again Friday at 11 am MST. If you dare to join me, we can talk about your ideas…

The audio-only version of this video is linked below, or you can find the podcast on iTunes.

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