What if we could massively increase the number of egoists in society, while driving the anti-egoists crazy?

Man Alive! doesn’t have a dust-cover, but if it did, that headline would make the perfect jacket blurb. It comprises a pocket summary of what the book is intended to do: I want to show honest people how to more perfectly express their until-now-stunted self-adoration, and I want to drive the enemies of the human self out of their minds.

Meanwhile (memewhile), the pretend-friends of human liberty are forming an echo-chamber orchestra to play and replay a smarmy video called “If I wanted America to fail.” I have no idea who is behind this funereal lament. The putative web site doesn’t resolve. If I had to guess, I’d say the money to pay for the video came from oil and mining interests, but I suppose that comes down to (oil)well-poisoning.

But that doesn’t even matter. Here’s why:

If I wanted civilization to fail, I would devote my life to pissing and moaning about the collapse of civilization. I wouldn’t do anything at all, and I wouldn’t say anything except to bitch that no one else is doing anything, either.

Do you want to know what Starnesville looks like? Take a long hard look in the mirror.

If you don’t like what you see, at least you know what needs to be fixed if you want civilization and America and your life to succeed.

We don’t need more Republicans. There are plenty already, and they’re useless. The Libertarians are doubly useless: Ineffectual and pedantic. What we need are more egoists. Each one of us is indomitable as a manifestation of human nature. But egoists know they are indomitable.

Do you want to change the world for the better? Start by changing your self. Once that project is begun, take up The Conversation with your spouse, your kids, your parents and siblings, your friends, your net.friends, the people at work.

In other words: Don’t mourn. Proselytize.

Everything starts with you. If you want civilization to succeed, succeed.

And if you want it to fail? Just keep pissing and moaning. It worked in Starnesville, and it will work for you, too.

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  • Jim Klein

    It’s all pretty amazing. I’m overwhelmed with incredulity, but there’s no mystery here. If there’s ever been a case of, “The silence is deafening,” this is it.

    Face it. People, especially the “thinkers,” are screaming loudly—“I WANT this!” Whatever their motives, whatever their disease, this is what they want. They want their money to be worthless; they want no food available; they want the infinite corporate-state even as they know it’ll lead to the horrors of the past. They want their children to die in wars, and they want the ones who don’t, to have their brains turned into mush.

    At least most of the people who give this any thought, want all this. Happily an overwhelming majority of the population gives this no thought at all and wouldn’t want any part of it, if only they understood it. As always, it is they upon whom this all rests. For the “thinkers,” there’s no response except, “Well okay, if that’s what you want. Just remember, ‘You asked for it, brother.'”

    For those of us who do understand and DON’T want this, there’s not much to do except pass the knowledge along and hope that people wake up before they die. It’s going to be close; there’s no mystery about that either.

  • > the “thinkers,” are screaming loudly—”I WANT this!” Whatever their motives, whatever their disease, this is what they want.

    The number one job of a shepherd is to hang on to the sheep.