Linking Frees Slaves: You have the power to move the world with the push of a button.

This weblog and Man Alive! both continue to suffer from a dearth of inbound links. That’s shameful, even if it’s completely predictable.

My name may be unfamiliar to you, but I am very well-known to net.connected libertarians, as is Jim Klein, my partner in this adventure. Silence from the state, the church and the academy are to be expected. They won’t know what’s hit ’em until our war is already won. But the silence from the libertarians is simply disgraceful.

We actually lost a link this week. Apparently Jason Stotts got yelled at for linking to Psalm in last week’s Objectivist Round-Up. Very sad, considering that the essay Stotts spiked was the best short rendition of the existential experience of self-love I have ever written. Sadder for Stotts and the “students of Objectivism” that their proudest expression of intellectual independence is to stick their fingers in their ears.

They have worse troubles. I destroyed every pro-abortion argument this week, including Ayn Rand’s anti-egoistic political mis-directions. Since it is based in actual human nature, the moral philosophy presented in Man Alive! dispenses with every boojum under their beds, but the price of entry they must pay is very high: They have to stop aping Rand and her intellectual errors and learn to think for themselves.

None of this matters in the long run. Man Alive! will surely be the most popular piece of samizdat in the American gulags, if things come to that. But I don’t want for things to come to that. Very much the contrary. And that’s why it is disgraceful that libertarian pundits are not linking to the book. Egoists — human beings who fully understand the idea of self-adoration — are the only people who can stem the tide of tyranny, and Man Alive! exists to massively increase the number of egoists. If you are not working help people become egoists, you’re working for the enemy by default.

So what can you do?

Very simple: Link. Linking free slaves, because linking is the way we share the riches of the internet with the people we know and love. Here are three very easy linking strategies you can undertake with the push of a button to defend Western Civilization from tyranny, slavery and savagery:

1. Link inbound. Link from your own website or weblog or from your Facebook or Twitter account to and to Man Alive! When you link, you’re saying to the person who reads you, “Go see for yourself.” That’s a powerful message just by itself.

2. Click outbound. When you click through to the outbound links you find in posts, you are doing two things: Frist, you are discovering for yourself what is being said on the linked page. And second, you are letting the owner of that page know that you are following up on him. In other words, you are rattling the cages of your would-be jailers.

3. Link crosswise. Wherever you go, if you leave a comment in support of the idea of self-love, leave a link back here for people who read your comment to follow. People are lost. They’re looking for better ideas. Don’t hoard them to yourself.

Here are some other ideas for propagating the ideas in Man Alive!: Paradise is just a sneeze away.

The easiest thing to do is nothing, of course. But the choice you make by doing nothing is to volunteer to be a prisoner and a slave. If that’s not what you want, then you need to rethink your strategy.

The video embedded above is a clip from Sunday’s full movie, which is also available as an iTunes audio podcast. This is all shareable content, and the clip itself is a fuller discussion of the power of linking.

Here’s my take: Egoists are indomitable — and they know it. The only way to defeat tyranny is by massively increasing the number of egoists. If you want to change the world, evangelize egoism. Anything else you do — including nothing — is simply a victory for tyranny.

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