50 Shades of Splendor: Mastering romance in a world that hates love.

Play-fighting is affection. Aggression is not. What makes marriage a playground? Play!

Photo by: Danumurthi Mahendra

There is a true playground in marriage, instead of the mutual boredom or mutual hostility — real or pantomimed — you’ve been taught to expect. What’s it called? Romantic love. Get some for Saint Valentine’s Day.

I’ve written before about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon (more than once). My ‘Cliff’s Notes’ advice for women: Stop putting out.

I’ve written, too, about the self-destruction entailed by so-called ‘sex-positive’ sex, and, more importantly, about the incredibly enthralling experience that is fully-committed marital love-making.

From church yesterday, what does playful romantic love look like?

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